Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sea View Dinner

After a long day traversing from one end of the island to the other (it's just a 20KM radius anyway:p ), we started scouting for our dinner place....actually we found a place nearby the hotel (which was another hotel near the beach) and they had this Chinese Seafood restaurant; Sea View.
We went there and hey, I was looking for hornbills the whole day after reading about them in the travel guide and lo behold, what a sight that welcomed us near the beach.
The hornbills came to this restaurant and they even set up a table for them to perch on it and also with food scattered on the table for the birds to feast on:) Carrots....yumm yumm....I want to eat that too, hornbill!!:p
Look at them!!
And a nice view of the horizon....why isn't the sun down yet? I wanna watch the sunset!!
I couldn't resist being part of the picturesque scene as well *winks*
We chose a table near the ranch-like (just in Eden Seafood) except that theirs are stone-like/marble table....and I was directly facing the sea.
But, boy, the sun was really strong.....not ready yet for bedtime:p
We thought they were offering a seafood buffet but they told us it was for the staff....aikksss:p
And this is our order.....
Haha...the Grilled Fish Fillet....we didn't even realize we ordered a Western set:P
No wonder they gave us the cutlery for Western food earlier...haha, we were laughing....
Cauliflower with Seafood....yumzzzzz:D There's cauliflowers, thin slicing of fish cakes, shrimps, squids, spring onions and garlic and also ginger....tasted not bad:)
Sweet and sour prawns....erm, sorry for the blur picture quality...must have been too excited to see the prawns and also the sun glaring at me....
Not bad too; but a little too saucy (tomato sauce too thick:p )
And drinks, fruit juices.....refreshing!:D
Let's eat....
A nice meal...fusion of East meets west...we had both Western and Eastern in one...haha, killing 2 birds (ermmm....cuisines) with one meal! :D:D

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