Thursday, January 25, 2007

Seafood at Teluk Kumbar

Went for seafood on Tuesday despite the seafood fiesta we had over the weekend and the public holidays due to the holiday trip:)
Went to Teluk Kumbar; to one of our old seafood restaurants; Good Friend.
I have been here before; in 2005 when my mentor was here and I came here with a bunch of colleagues for dinner.
I remembered that I liked the place as it was located right on the beach and the tables gave you that near-to-sea feel:)
(Although after that I found out that most of the seafood restaurants have have that same tendency as well:)
So, we were again, the earliest customer....sigh, what to do, I am always the first:)
Nice view of the sea ler....this is the other end of the island dy....
Nothing grand; just a shack of a food stall....
And these were what we ordered:
Dried Chilli with Mantis prawns.....okay only; as it was too deep fried and the mantis prawns were small; probably too fried until it lost the succulency:p
Not as nice as MGF and also the Chai Seafood in Batu Maung...but still oklar; in fact still can feel the taste and sometimes long for it though:p
FoodBuddy wanted to try out the satay; I think it was also run by the restaurant.
Each satay costs RM0.60....and the funny thing was when FoodBuddy came back after ordering:
PickyEater: So what satay did you order?
FoodBuddy: Satay lar...
PickyEater: What satay?
FoodBuddy: Huh?
PickyEater: Chicken, pork, beef satay? (Hello??)
FoodBuddy: Ooooohhhhhhh....I dunno...
PickyEater: HUHHHH???
FoodBuddy: I just ordered satay; it's probably chicken....dun think it's gonna be pork...
PickyEater: Halal here?
FoodBuddy: I don't know
Anyway, he orderd 5 (after a long discussion whether it was appropriate to order that number of satay:). Of course, to me, that's the power of being a can do just anything, they are that frugal and can even buy 1 little kueh...try doing that in KL:p
And turns out, it was Chicken Satay....sighhhss....FoodBuddy, next time should ask lar (or probably Penangites usually assume:p )
He said it was not bad wor....but I helped myself to the sliced source of vegetables since FoodBuddy didn't order vegetables...sighsss....
I noticed that they were pretty calculative with the portion served; they actually cut it into half for the KL, they give you the crescent-shaped and thicker than this :)
And our last order; Thai-style steamed was actually a Red Snapper fish....this was not bad:)
Total bill was about Rm28...not bad; will come back of course:)

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