Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas Cakes

Wowww....I took loads of pics of the interesting cakes on display in a cake shop!!!
Hahaha....I followed Mum and Dad to this Baker's Cottage; a quaint little Bakery which kinda reminded me of those English-like bakeries with its settings and its name.
We used to have one of its outlets in Kepong; supposedly to compete against the famous King's Confectionery but somehow, Baker's moved out and now there is only this outlet in Desa Jaya that we know of.
Signature colour; Green....Baker's Cottage....
Since it's Christmas season, let me start with some Christmas cakes; they have loads of nice cakes (by physical appearance) on the window display:p
Of course, it was Christmas they were trying to promote those cakes.
Okay, enough of my goes:
**Don't ask me the name of the cakes; I can't remember:p *
A Simple Christmas Chocolate Cake
Yuletide Log
Angel Cake
White Christmas House
Ginger Bread cute and English-like:)
Traditional Christmas Fruit Cake.....
(How about those treacle puddings?:p )
Other cakes:
Fresh Fruit Cake
Green Tea Cake
Some Chocolate Cake:p
Black Forest
Flaky Chocolate Cake
Cheese Cake...(I Think)
Warmest Chocolate....some sort of fondue topping
Other cakes....
Some other pastries and bread....
Somehow, it seems to be a tradition to have a Christmas cake for the celebration; guess it adds to the goodies galore we have for Christmas.
To me, I'd rather perceive it as a family; the whole Birthday celebration to welcome the birth of Christ....hahaha, another reason to indulge and also to party.
By the way, if you are wondering which was our Christmas cake...whether it was the yuletide log, angel cake, gingerbread, fresh fruit cake or those classic fruit cakes....well, they're all wrong guesses:p
We didn't get our cake from Baker's....Mum and Dad have already pre-ordered the Christmas Cake.....will post on our family Christmas cake soon....:)

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