Thursday, January 18, 2007

Eating at a junction

There are lots of restaurants and cafes down this Service Road; a place which is located somewhere near Burmah Road.
This time we found this interesting one which we picked for our was called the Junction Cafe (Kak Tau in Hokkien which is literally tranlsated as Corner...then I wonder why didn't they call it the Corner Cafe instead of Junction....doesn't me)
We parked right in front of this banner which states that they have set lunches...with dishes, rice and soup....for only RM8.80.....but it's only on weekdays and only valid for lunch sets.
The decor at the front porch leading into this olden Baba Nyonya-styled house. So Chinese-New Year like and also the sense of the Nyonya community feel:)
The interior look of the cafe; seems like they spent effort in making this place looking as cultural as possible.
I start to notice the trend of cafes, restaurants which seem to be in the pursuit of lavish and cultural style of interior design; anyhow, guess it's some sort of marketing trend to attract and interest people to visit.
Whatever, it still works, somehow :)
Selling unique Chinese New Year cards :)
Menu...simple one made from printed cards and bounded by strings.
PickyEater busy with the menu....
What we ordered....
My Kiwi Fruit Juice....looks too green.....chlrophyll-based?
It actually tasted and smelt more like cough syrup more than kiwi....didn't really like it that much....ughhhh
The Honey Lime Juice...this one tasted nicer....hehe the way, another interesting penchant about this cafe is if you are unable to decide on your food order, you can try this traditional method used in olden Chinese days where you toss the sticks in this until one falls off....haha...."kau chim"....a typical method used to seek divine help:)
We saw this after ordering our food....hahaha:D
Now, our food....
The Stir Fried Bean Sprouts with a bunch of other had a nice name but I forgot about it:p
The Kerabu Sotong....not bad; sour and spicy! Finely chopped chilli padi and garlic on top and cabbage at the bottom with the sour sauce. The squids were well-cleaned and my guess is just boiled before mixing this combo together...nice!~
Last, another dish (too greedy ya:p ); their signature 3-taste BeanCurd.....not bad; but too sweet...seems to overcome the sour and spicy tastes....but the bean curd were fried and yet the smooth texture was maintained on the inside; that's the nice part!~ (It takes some skills to produce bean curd like these:)
Also, PickyEater's favourite; the generous serving of shredded cucumber and carrots...nice!~
White rice for the dishes:) Served in those olden kopitiam bowls...classic!~
View of all the food.....servings were rather large for the Small-sized we ordered..... but overall,food did not taste too bad:)

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