Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yong Tau Foo....

Been a long time since I last went to this place in Jinjang...an old and forgotten food court in that area. If you are driving from Kepong and straight towards Jinjang, you will see this old foodcourt by the traffic lights and near those temples with permanent stage for opera performances.
I went with Mum and Dad the other day for a simple lunch...wanted something soupy and just plain...so they suggested Yong Tau Foo....
*I wanted to bring a friend to this place the last round but they warned me that there were construction works going on with the road; thus making the foodcourt area dusty and dirty*.
Seems that the road has been fixed:)
Saw this signboard...just realized that this stall is called Yu Kee...hahaha:)
But then again, there were a few other stalls also with Yu Kee; perhaps, it is the main owner or anchor tenant's name.
The business here has clearly deteriorated as well; there were few tables despite the lunch hours....anyway, I find the place old and musty...not too conducive...haha; spoilt gal *blushes*
The lady came to serve us again; haha...we call her Miss Busy....suits her; she's always the most hardworking of the lot; always as busy as a bee....
But this lady truly has good customer service and very customer oriented:)
We ordered some soupy and plain dishes; since Mum and Dad didn't feel like taking fried stuffs as well due to the humid weather.
Sauce....an essential part in Yong Tau Foo.
All the Yong Tau Foo consists of those vege stuffed with fish paste; red chilli, beancurd,lady fingers, brinjals, soy sheets, etc.....they will be pretty standard in every stall....so what differentiates each stall? Haha...it's actually the sauce and also the freshness of the fish paste...that was what someone told me...whatever...
this is just plain sweet sauce with chilli sauce...we always do that to mix the taste...haha; courtesy of Dad's method:)
Our food arrived in a jiffy....haha, better than fast food outlet ler:p
Our lady fingers...theirs is usually very nice; fresh and juicy and tender:)
And beneath were the white beancurd; stuffed with fish paste as well and in clear soup.
This is also a soupy item; fishballs and steamed fish dumplings (Sui Kow)
Tucking in....
Not bad lar; the price here is pretty reasonable but the place is really old....probably will be torn down in a couple of years to make way for the widening of the road or they could rise to life if someone else decide to revive the foodcourt after a major renovation.
But, the Yong Tau Foo here is not too bad; pretty decent and nice in taste...at least that's what PickyEater thinks...
Rating: 3.5/5 =)

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