Saturday, January 06, 2007

Local Malaysian Kueh

Just a random post on these kueh which Mum bought from the market.
Kueh are savoury and sweet little bites of snacks which are mostly steamed and are one of the local delicacies for Malaysians to snack on during tea time or leisure eating.
Kueh originated from the Nyonya community; thus we often hear of the term Nyonya Kueh. Mum used to tell me that Nyonya Kueh are typically smaller and more petite in size.
The Malays also love kueh for their tea time snacks. If you notice in the afternoon, there are usually kueh stalls selling these local delights:)

Now, introducing the kueh:
Kuih Salat or Kuih Seri Muka is made of white glutinous rice with a layer of pandan as a topping.
Kuih Salat was a common term to describe this delicacy by our Southern counterparts; namely Johor, Melaka, etc.
This is not to be confused by the other kueh; Kuih Talam which is actually similar in colour with this kueh but the white is on the top; and instead of the glutinous white rice, Kuih Talam was actually topped with the coconut milk and the bottom will be this similar pandan custard.
This is Bengka Ubi; made of sweet tapioca mixed with sweet pandan custard.
Yellow in colour due to the original colour of tapioca (Ubi Kayu). The brown colour on the top of the kueh was due to the baking process (yes, this kueh is baked:)
Kuih Sago/Kuih Sagu - made of thickened sago and gula melaka (palm sugar) in the middle...comes in different colors in different places.

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