Thursday, January 18, 2007


A weekend breakfast; dim sum!~
Usually on weekends, the Chinese restaurants serving dim sum will have more varieties particularly for the prawn and fish items; yippee!!
The dim sum ordered were as follows:
Fish balls (steamed) - must have...haha, PickyEater's favourite:) Steamed and included some mixed vegetables; this is nice...fishy taste in the fishball....yumm!
Prawn dumplings (har kao)...again, another must have for PickyEater wherever she goes:) This har kao is not even oily; not like Tai Thong's...nice:)
Another prawn dumpling with scallop....not bad; just a different way of wrapping it and top it with a scallop. Prawns were okay; just the scallop sometimes tasted a little hard and spongy:p
Another prawn dumpling....looks cute eh? It's just like those xiao long bao style....that's why i called it the xiao long kao (directly translated as mini dragon prawn:) Nice.....
And this is a chivy dumpling which; also contained some big shrimps in it! Also quite nice:)
The spread of breakfast....
Sometimes may get my favourite and fluffy rice cakes from the market after breakfast for the next day.....nice little kor kueh...
That sums up the breakfast on weekends:)

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