Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Chilli's at 1U

Met up with my good friend in 1 Utama....Uncle Chan aka Nick(his real name:)...how could I not meet up with this fella who's always fun and share his skills of sarcasm and witty exchange of tongue-lashing comebacks most of the time?
Hahaha....he's really the man, one of my good...goodest friend....hmmmm, considered guy bestie:)
He warned or rather, told me not to come back and leave discreetly...or else...hahaha...
So, we set out for lunch on Saturday and was deciding where to eat....since we were both kinda bored of Kepong. We headed to 1 U (1 Utama); and again, couldn't figure out what to eat again.
I was bored of Fish & Co....haha, so I suggested Chilli's since I've heard so much good things about it:)
Anyway, Uncle Chan worked in Chilli's for a couple of months and therefore, he agreed with the idea to have our lunch there as he could recommend a couple of good food:)
There was a queue when we were there....and I took the pic of the environment ...a little blurry.
I did notice there were vacancies but we were not shown our way...bummer.
The waitress did ask about our preferences for the seating area; smoking or non-smoking.
There's still places for non-smoking; but those were the high chairs (the type you sit in those bars).
We waited...finally seated:)
The menu...haha, BIG red chilli right in front:)
Had some time flipping through and finding the right thing to eat.....we placed our orders; they had loads of alcoholic drinks and margheritas.
I followed Uncle's order; the Iced Lemonade.....BIG JUG....I don't think I will call this a glass or a cup anyhow.
**Pssst....Uncle did warn me of the huge serving.....well, the drink itself did a great job to spook me:P**
They have the free flow/fill drinks for a couple of drink items and lemonade happened to be one of them:)
Not bad; rather refreshing...Uncle had 2-3 fills...hahaha....he really loved it:)
Our food finally arrived; Uncle went for the burger....I can't remember the names of our food....after a week of holiday in KL..hahaha
I just remembered that this beef burger was creating an oil patch on the paper...
Uncle: Man, this is so UNHEALTHY!! This is oily and.....but I am gonna have it anyway:)
He missed this burger...but anyway, as if he puts on weight that easily...this guy is one stick thin guy who barely gets fat even if he were to dip himself in the oil (consuming it too:)
And this is my Fish in some Lemony sauce....oooo, I love the serving of the cauliflowers and broccoli....my fave veggies!!!! Yumzzzz.......
Really HUGE...I can't finish it; as expected....
But the food was okay; not too bad and we both really liked the waitress who served us...really friendly.
Too bad I forgot her name as well:)

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