Thursday, January 18, 2007

Seafood at Batu Maung

An old post on the day I came back after my Christmas and New Year break; I went with my friend for dinner.
We went to Batu Maung; initial plan was to dine in that Chai Seafood which an uncle (my dad's old buddy) introduced.
Too bad, it was closed at that time and since we didn't have any idea on where else to go (getting bored of most of the places:p ) and also to save petrol, we scouted around and found another one which we decided to try out.
** If you are driving around this area, you will see lots of seafood restaurants as in Bukit Tambun, Pandamaran (Klang), or any seafood-infested areas:) **
Batu Maung Seafood Village seemed to be run by a family who were busy glued to the tv which was tuned to some Astro channel showing a Taiwanese Hokkien soap opera.
In fact, they were so attentive that the chefs only got onto cooking our food (we were the first customers; initially there was a table full of people which we concluded were their own family and relatives) AFTER the drama ended....sighsss; look at the influence of media:p
Our drinks arrived;
I ordered their homecooked Chrysanthemum tea; served hot.
My FoodBuddy ordered the Watermelon juice which tasted like there were tonnes of sugar in it; diabetic :p
PickyEater posing while waiting for the food to arrive....ermmmm, I mean for the chef to start cooking...haha:)
The air-conditioned section in the restaurant. Looks homely...typical Chinese family scene in home that is:)
FINALLY, the wok starts up...and here comes the fire....:p
Waited for more than half an hour for our food; and was silently thinking; I will need to reconsider if I want to come back for a second visit.
At last, the food arrived:)
Our greens for that day; the Stir fried vegetables (choy sum I think:)
Not bad; crunchy and tasty.....surprisingly, not as oily as I expected in most Chinese restaurants....hmmmm, perhaps I should not cross out the possibility of a second visit just yet...
Next, the Mantis prawns cooked with dried red chillis aka the Kung Pow style..
Yummy, not bad, this is one of PickyEater's favourite dish as well and will order whenever I am back in KL, dining with family at our regular restaurant:)
It was not too crunchy nor crispy (sign of too deep fried that the flesh dried up). The flesh was juicy and tender while they had the right duration of frying it....mmmmm...
Last but not least(FoodBuddy decided to indulge a little that day and ordered 3 dishes; usually only 2:p ), my fishy fish...cooked in one of my favourite styles; Cheong Jing aka with fermented soy bean sauce with chilli/tomato sauce.
This was the Red Snapper fish....not bad...but this was a little oily....
Hmmm....really, the meal was nice and it costed about RM40++ which was pretty decent for seafood meal:p
I will really consider coming back for a second visit...hehehe....*winks*

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