Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cultural Place down Babington

My good friend, Dr Liew brought me to this place once when we met up for one weekend.
He was also studying in Penang after he came back from Ireland and thus, there was plenty of chances for us to catch up since of the same side of the globe we are both on right now:)
Anyway, after mass that Sunday, Liew actually brought me to this nice place in Babington road...hmmm, how do I describe its location; it's quite near the General Hospital, in fact it's just behind it and a distance away is also the Penjara...
This was an interesting place; it's meant for the Indian Cultural group or association and it's actually a big house. You can see some young girls practising dances on a small stage at the front garden; I remembered seeing that when I was there the first time:)
After you pass the stage, you walk straight to the back of the house and the dining area is just on the right.
It is a comfortable and nice-looking area which looked so homelike.....there's even garden sets and most of the furniture were pretty nice....I really liked the first look of it:)
I went there for lunch and according to DrLiew, they serve buffet for lunch and ala carte for dinner. The thing here is they don't have prices labelled for the food; as they do not charge you for the food; rather, you determine the price of the food's worth and you are free to take any amount of food for your own serving portion.
The reason behind this practice is due to the charity nature of this organization and they are not really making profit from this; but promoting the culture:)
Look at the pics; the lunch served is vegetarian. If you are looking forward to a huge buffet spread style of banquet, you will not see this here....choices are limited but they serve a colourful array of Indian vegetarian dishes.
The main thing to note is that the place and food is in all the Indian vegetarian shops.
Fried rice
Nasi Briyani (I think:p )
The food...
Dal and the mixed fruits/vege salad:)
Other vegetarian food....
Quiet and peaceful environment....nice for catching up and DrLiew recommended the Mango Lassi for a refreshing drink:D

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