Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ipoh Road famous Yong Tau Foo in Kepong?

Mum and Dad brought me to this place near Metro Prima; which had like 2-3 shop outlets and with a bright yellow sign saying Ipoh Road Yong Tow Foo.
I used to remember this Yong Tow Foo place near Ipoh road which was actually at a corner near the traffic light junction and it was a corner shack of a place. We used to go there when I was young as it was pretty famous until they moved and since then, we always see loads of places with signs claiming that they are the famous Ipoh Road Yong Tow Foo or the Ampang Yong Tow Foo....hmmmm; doubts on the liability:p
This place was air-conditioned and they serve a couple of side dishes beside the usual Yong Tow Foo.
Lady Fingers(my fave!:), White bean curd and the bitter gourd
Fried Sui Kow (dumplings - minced meat and fish paste) *Why is there minced meat??? Thought Yong Tow Foo stuffs are supposed to be purely fish paste-based? *glooms*
Soupy stuffs - fish balls and the steamed dumplings (same as fried; only this time it's in soup:)
Daddy's fave; the Fried Foo Chook (bean curd sheet)
And our side order; the Assam Fish (RM10 for 2 fish). They used the Kembong Fish....oklar; not too bad:)
The important condiment for Yong Tow Foo; the sauce...the sweet sauce mixed with Chilli sauce...
Our spread of food....
Total bill= RM40++ ( a little pricey; but each piece costs about RM0.70) and this is a serving for 5 people...oklar:)

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