Friday, January 05, 2007

Daddy's Birthday

Finally I got the pics from bro's camera on Daddy's birthday....a few months ago:p
I was home in KL (of course!!) for beloved Daddy's birthday and again, we have made earlier plans on his birthday celebration.
I made a surprise trip; which Daddy was of course elated with the homecoming and definitely touched^_^....although he did mumble a few words that I do not have to waste money to come back...hehe:p
Anyway, as with Mummy's birthday, we had to make it a be-earlieth one since the actual date fell on a weekday 
We celebrated his birthday on a Saturday....went to Jack's place (again...) for Daddy's birthday since he and Mum liked the place:p
Dad driving the car to the destination...Jack's Place.....
This round though, we didn't go to the one in 1Utama; instead we decided to take a longer route to Sunway Pyramid's outlet..and along the way, reminisced on the past memories of our childhood when we went to Sunway Lagoon:)
We found this outlet which was a little hidden though it was like in the main foyer near the entrance.
Nice environment; rather homely and comfy:)
It was rather empty and quiet when we arrived.
As usual, we took the set lunch...yippee...they had the fish fillet with honey mustard sauce...that'd be nice:p
*Crossing my fingers for the fresh veggies for the day*
The soup for starters came first; the soup for the day was the cream of broccoli......guess they mashed the broccoli and cooked in with thick broth and cream to make it more creamy.

Garlic Bread to go with the soup for the starters.
The main course.....Fish Fillet with Honey Mustard Sauce....
The fresh veggies for the day were chopped carrots and cauliflower.....mmmmm, nice...they are steamed....PickyEater's favourite....
Everyone had a hearty meal.....Mum and Dad enjoyed their food as well....
Then they had a cup of tea/coffee and soon the dessert of the day came....
This round it was not our was actually cake!
Wowwww....we didn't get Daddy a birthday cake as Daddy doesn't really fancy cakes (just like PickyEater *winks*)
However, bro wanted to get him a cake just for the sake of a birthday celebration or at least get the restaurants to provide us with extra compliments for the birthday celebrant.
Anyway, it was just pure coincidence that the dessert for the day was cake as well....hahaa; to fill in our missing gap....Cake for our beloved Daddy, the big birthday boy!!~
It was Chocolate Fudge cake.....Mum and Dad liked it....
PickyEater doesn't like cake and was too full to take passed it to the rest:p
That was the lunch for Daddy....and we did some window shopping in Sunway Pyramid after that.
For dinner, this time it was Oriental cuisine......we brought Daddy to our regular restaurant again....hehehe, seems like all old familiar places huh?:p
We have donned him a surprise and led him to think that we are just going to have the normal dinner where we just order a couple of his favourite dishes and that would be it.
However....*grins mischievously*, bro and I have already pre-ordered the dishes...something like those course sets which you get in Chinese Wedding Dinners.....8-Course type since Mum and Dad missed having those *winks*
*By the way, Mum was in this to help us out with the menu as well*
We got the lady boss of the restaurant to play along with us as well....when Daddy parked his car, bro had to use an excuse to go into the restaurant before us so that he can signal the restaurant to get ready to serve when we go in.
My task? Pretty simple; distract Daddy from the I mentioned I wanted to check out some restaurants along the same road since I heard something about them...hehehe *winks*
Bro gave the signal and I was leading Daddy back to the restaurant.
Then I noticed that they set up a table and posted a Reserved sign at our usual table.
Not wanting to arouse suspicion, we sat at another table adjacent to it...although PickyEater requested to go back to the originally booked table:p
Daddy then looked through the menu and wanted to order the dishes but we held him back by saying that we haven't decide on what we wanted to eat yet....haha
Then the lady boss also pretended to come and take her orders and we told her that we haven't decide....she teased Daddy that she will not take his orders today.
Daddy mentioned he probably wanted some noodles.....right at that moment, the first dish, the noodles arrived.
Hahaha...Daddy was truly surprised....:p
We told him they probably heard...hahaha, he laughed of course.
Then we told him, that was it; it was such a huge serving.....we only ordered the noodles and that he needs to order other dishes if he want.
*They arranged the order of the menu for us....rightfully, the Four Season dish should come first but the restaurant mentioned that for birthdays, it is more appropriate for the birthday noodles or rather, the Sang Meen to be served first. Well, whatever, they are the experts*
Anyway, this is just some normal Wanton noodles type with some vege, meat, mushrooms an shrimps.
The unique part of the Birthday noodles, it seems; was the length of the noodles. It was not cut; not like the normal noodles where it will have this certain length which makes it easier for you to eat it. The reason why they do not shorten the noodles was to symbolize longevity....this came from the olden days and the superstition to wish people longevity and prosperity during their birthday:)
Daddy liked the noodles.....and he wanted to order a few other dishes....hahaha....*grins*
We had to wait for a while for the next dish.
Four Seasons....this used to be my favourite and most anticipated dish each time I attend a wedding dinner....they usually have such nice and unique variety....and PickyEater loves variety.
This dish costs about RM60 or more in restaurants and needs to be pre-ordered if you want to have it ala-carte...for the restaurant to prepare it ahead.
It usually; as its name suggests, comprises of four dishes; cooked in 4 different styles; mainly according to the four seasons theme; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter:)
Summer will be the fried; Winter will usually be the cold dish (such as salad), Spring will be slightly stir fried, and autumn is in between fried and cold type...this is my own regulated theory lar:p
Anyway, they prepared mostly seafood items for us; from top left;
Prawns wrapped with carrot sticks and the spring onions to tie the prawns and carrots, Fried Scallops topped with salad dressing, stir-fried celeries with crunchy clams, and the yam loot (the only one with chunks of chicken meat in it:)
Mmmmm...this dish, was as usual....interesting and tasted good!!:)
Thumbs up from PickyEater:)
Then good ol' Daddy said we ought to order a fish for sweet.....
Well, the fish came soon after; yeah, in the midst of the previous dish.
Somehow, the main drawback was that the dishes were served rather in a jiffy; pushing a couple of dishes at a time....guess it was due to the incoming customers during the peak dinner hour...too bad.
Mummy ordered the Steamed Garoupa for me...not bad oooo.....:)
Finally, the Kung Pow Mantis Prawns - basically with dried red chilli.....and the mantis prawns were fried...but it tasted just the right texture for that day....yeayyyy...nice nice nice:)
However, everyone was too full by then and had to wrap this to go home.....
Chinese tea to go along with our meal....
They gave us complimentary fresh fruits platter for the meal....with papaya, watermelon, honeydew, guava....hahaha, and they were commenting that restaurants rarely serve guava for the fruits/desserts.
Nice and tasty dinner...only drawback was the professionalism in the serving and also the serving portions were too much for only 4 people....
But anyway, the lady boss apologized for the blunder...we can't really blame them for that since they have already specifically told us that they don't do course set dinners.
Still good nonetheless for an amateur course set dinner and the bill was around RM120++ which was pretty reasonable and most importantly, Daddy was happy.


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