Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Old friends.....

Met up with my old friends when I was home in KL....posted in my Angelstar blog...read the details over there.
I saved the food pics for my food blog here....hahaha...all the Yum Yum Bites stuffs...:p
It was a poolside party which was organized in the Pot Luck style and everyone is required to bring something.
Hehehe....I don't usually like Pot Luck parties; although it's a lot easier but somehow, it's easier when you just get served...lazy and spoilt brat in me:p
So, from my IM conversation with bestie, she requested me to bring the desserts; and she specifically mentioned "Ice-cream" in a hyperactive mode or tone...hahaha...so, to satisfy my bestie whom I haven't seen in ages, I grabbed a tub or rather a box of ice-cream....haha, difference of descriptive terms used in Malaysia for ice-creams:p
Since I was out to meet up with Uncle Chan for lunch in 1U, I did my pot luck share of shopping as well there in my fave supermarket, Jusco (the Family Store:)
I was wondering whether I should get 2 boxes when I saw the Nata de Coco.....ooooo, those are nice.
Angelstar: Cool, I am gonna get one of those...
UncleChan: Just eat it out of the tub like that?
Angelstar: What's wrong with that?
UncleChan: It's just weird...I always thought Nata de Coco is served as a condiment; as in cocktails, juices, etc.
Angelstar: No, you can just eat it like that...it's nice *grins*
UncleChan: It's weird lar.....

Endless argument...then I told UncleChan that we can just serve the Ice-cream and the Nata de Coco together....and he still thinks it's weird...and he wanted to get cones....whatever....
I got those two....ice-cream (Tropicana flavour since Uncle Chan said it was nice on the stick and should taste nice); not an ice-cream expert so i decided to trust him:)
And I got the Orange-flavored Nata De Coco....hahaha:p
Went over to Bjorn's place...and waited for half an hour(or was it more:p ) for the rest of the gals....who came over after messing up the kitchen...haha; just kidding, bestie had to cook/fry some of the finger food...
Once we arrived at the condo, we headed straight to the pool with our loads....and then, they immediately grabbed the food and tucked in...hahaha, without even proper arrangement:p
Look at them....finger lickin' good....:)
Okay, now for the food.....maybe I should do a roll call......
Item #1: of course it's Angelstar's desserts....hahaha:P *proud*
My Tropicana Ice-cream and Nata De Coco which no one ate even when I left....*sighs*
So sad Angelstar didn't get to taste her Nata de Coco.....*pouts*
Jes brought these pizzas...Domino's pizza.....everyone already grabbed a piece or a couple of pieces before I could take a pic of the complete pizza...hahaha:p
I don't really know what is this pizza....thought it was okay...thin or so I thought....there was a layer of ham or something embedded in between.....
This is BBQ chicken....

Bestie and Esther made these.....
French fries
Finger foods....nuggets and sausages with a small piece of cucumber in between...sighhh, what happened to people today that they belittle the importance of greens/veges for a balanced diet?
I requested for seafood/fish nuggets but bestie ignored me...so these were actually chicken nuggets and sausages...guess she doesn't know about me...so sad, and I got what she requested....*pouts*
Of course, there's always room for junkies like this bag of chips here....
So, what did the guys bring....yeah, good question....they brought the drinks and these were what they meant by drinks.....Tiger to get us drunk...*sighs*
I think Bjorn also brought a bottle of Chivas Regal and bestie mentioned scotch as well.....oooo, hard liquor....my friends are alcoholics....:P *big-eyed* *laughs*
Of course, Ju was the best; he brought Peel Fresh fruity drinks; the Orange juice and also this Aloe Vera juice. I only took pic of this coz it was unopened and not tampered with; whereas we already drunk from the Orange juice....Jes poured it for me...thanks and muacks gal!!:)
They tried to mix some Tiger into my juice drink and again Jes protected me by telling them not to force me into it; sensing my strong resistance:)
Again, muacks to Jes!! You are the best, hun!!~

A spread of the food.......

Look at what they are doing? Spiking the drinks?

Hahaha...we had fun...I left early though since I wasn't in for swimming but nonetheless, I enjoyed myself....
Thanks guys and gals, you are always the best.....!!
Cheers to friendship.....can I use juice to toast? hehehe *grins*

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