Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Birthday...

Yippee…..celebrated my birthday yesterday…and still in the hype *winks*
Happy XXth Birthday to PickyEater (don’t wanna reveal the age:p )
My FAVOURITE time of the year…next to Christmas(not just literally but in fact it like, just a week plus after Christmas )
Thanks to everyone who remembered…with all those messages/emails/calls/cards/presents…thanks guys and gals…MUACKSS!!(read more in my other blogs: )
I had this treat from my good good pal; who already made an appointment and booked my calendar way ahead of the date…hehe; so no choice…have to have dinner…sorry lar guys….but PickyEater cannot eat that much…too many food in one night?:p
So, my pal brought me to the most classic high-profile and uptown seafood restaurant on the entire Penang island; nicknamed the Pearl of the Orient or the Glutton/Food Haven..
In fact, it is the most expensive seafood restaurant as well; that’s the famous Eden Seafood Village…awwwwwwws :)
We took the table next to the ranch which overlooks the beach; the sand and the sea and we could catch lots of horse-riding, surfing, motor rides, people strolling down the beach, parachuting, water splashing, etc all live in action…really cool. Best part is, the seaside is always PickyEater’s favourite place to be and to watch the sea and also hear the sound of the waves…just heavenly!!~
Look at the breathtaking view….
And yeay, PickyEater get to watch her sunset as well! Cheers to Mrs Sun!
The sea…a little rough on that day
More picturesque scenes from my place
Pics of the open air section in the restaurant
Oh yeah, another thing to note is this place has excellent customer service….and also a friendly environment with such courteous and hospitable waiters and waitresses. Guess it’s due to the high cost of dining here…oh well, you heard them say; you get what you paid forJ
(So different from those places with sulky waitresses who can’t wait and start to fidget when you are taking your time in deciding what to eat:p )
Having seated ourselves comfortably, we were served with this and also ordered our drinks while browsing through the menu.
One of those appetizers which is quite similar to Kimchi – soury and pickled vegetables. PickyEater likes it!
*Smiles* PickyEater poses
PickyEater with her food
Our drinks are here…
My Kiwi juice…notice my love for kiwi and my frequent orders of kiwi juices:P Somehow, this kiwi juice tasted like green apple juice…oh well, and there’s a slice of kiwi which PickyEater will bite it off the glass:p
And this is the coconut juice…they used pandan coconut…*PickyEater sensed a whiff of fragrance in the air* (*whiff whiff*)
Couldn’t resist another pic of the scenery….*stares at the pic dreamily*
Finally, our food came….
The Corn and crabmeat soup…..
Wowww….nice nice; it’s a thick broth which is battered with corn flour mixture and also with some eggs I think. And there’s generous servings of the sweet corn (my favourite little ones: ) and also sliced crabmeat (yeay, PickyEater doesn’t have to take it out from the crab herself:p )
Nice soup for starters….and who needs Sharks’ Fin when there’s always something as nice as this? *PickyEater wonders*
Next dish; this is the Fried Tofu with Crabmeat…BUT look; it’s not just laden with crabmeat but LOADs of vegetables such as snow peas, button mushrooms and also PickyEater’s favourite; the baby carrots!! Also, there’s cuttlefish, prawns and also fish fillets; all in generously sized portions…..yummy; PickyEater’s favourite tofu dish to date…heavenly!~
Yum yum; PickyEater doesn’t eat that much, BUT I could live for thisJ
And who can forget to order fish for PickyEater? Haha…the steamed garoupa; slightly larger in size for 2 people.
It was a little oily; but it was actually coming from the fish and PickyEater has this theory that fish which swims in the aquarium or being reared always contains more fats in them compared to the seawater fish. Why? Because those seawater fish have such a large swimming area compared to the space-constrained aquarium. Hahaha…so, in short, not much exercise space and caused the fish to be fatter:p
Pal laughed at my suggestion:p
The fish was slightly overcooked; but loads of flesh…and it didn’t taste quite so bad after a while. Garoupa; you must have known; is one of my all-time favourite fish and yeah; steamed is the best style for Garoupa…thanks my good pal!!~
Yummy, PickyEater approves of the mum mum food for birthday:)
After dinner….wowwww, PickyEater ate more than usual:p
Naughty naughty...felt full:(
Too dark….
And the next table; a bunch of foreigners; ordered this dish which got the chef coming over to slice it for them in action…haha; interesting.
Chef is so friendly; he smiled and posed for us =)
This was supposed to be one of their specialty dish; the Pekingese Roasted Duck….wow, the smell of the meat definitely overcame the air and PickyEater had a hard time to withstand it
The selection of duck dishes being displayed
These are more pics of the restaurant….all the way when you come into the restaurant.

This is the rack of wine
And the mini bar….
Chilled veggies in the fridge
The poor little fishies in the aquariums…lined up ..not knowing their fate…aww, I feel guiltyL
*PickyEater has this irk whereby she cannot bear to look at live swimming fish before she eats the fish (despite her love for fish and seafood)*
Oh ya, this place is famous and superb for their signature and trademark Lobster. I didn’t have it this round but my pal treated me before…a live Australian lobster…SUPERB! (sorry, no pic then :P0
Pray that I win a lucky draw or something so that I can come here again for the lobster..hehe
PickyEater in front of Eden…. proof of visit:)
Great birthday and THANK you so much Benjy!! It was great and sorry to burn that hole in your wallet/credit card….*guilt*
*PickyEater ate more and had tummy ache at night...*sighs* the sensitive tummy of PickyEater...cannot be overloaded:(

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