Friday, January 05, 2007

Fishy Fish

Went to Metro Prima area for lunch today after reading the ad magazine distributed for free to the residential areas. It seems to be a trend for them to promote all these shops and places, compile them into a brochure or promotional magazine and then distribute.
These companies need not pay as they will engage those shops or business folks who wants to place their ads to promote their avenue in the magazine to pay for the printing costs, etc.
Dad told me that there were a couple of the type of magazine being distributed.
This area published in the magazine was actually located near Carrefour; rather, behind Carrefour in those row of new shoplots..Taman Usahawan Kepong.
This shop, it seems; specializes in fish fillets noodles and have been featured in the Chinese newspapers before.
We found it at the last row of shops; Wong Kee...I think it's some Teochew style....
The shop was rather splendour in the interior design; and they use those marble tables and really heavy wooden chairs...
Seemed pretty new and the owner seemed really proud of his achievements being published in the newspapers that he clipped and posted them on the wall:p
A young girl with a surly face came over to serve us; take our orders.
Handing us the menu, she stood there waiting for us to make our choice and at the same time, really helpful as she stood there like a log.
Doesn't help when she just displayed that sour look on her face and also not showing any attempt to hide her boredom in waiting for her customers to browse through the menu.
Dad asked whether there were pictures of the food listed on the menu and she lazily pointed to those newspapers cutting on the wall...."There, you can see those food there"
HELLO???? Do we look like regular customers? Are we supposed to play mix and match the food description to the pictures on the newspaper ON the wall which were so BIG that we need a magnifying glass or physically stand there and squint to look at those pictures?
Can't you at least open your mouth of gold to do some simple explanation or recommendation??
I mean, like DUUUHHH, what are you hired for in the first place?
To top it off, she has to put on a sullen look as if we practically FORCED her to wait for us.....well, miss, when you present the customer with a menu, you do not expect them to make their order immediately; on split second......anyway, we soon made our orders and she seemed pretty were WE!
Totally annoyed by her attitude; youngsters these days (NOT ALL), do not seem to work with willingness nor professionalism. C'mon, when you opt to be in the service area, you need to have that service attitude. Even if you have no choice and was forced to be in the area, at least don't make such a bad thing out of doesn't hurt to be a little more positive....A smile doesn't cost a single cent...*sighs*
Anyway, after a short while,the food arrived; another waitress and these are friendlier ones and had that service smile and courteous attitude:)
We ordered the Kurau Fish Fillet Meehoon and the Seafood Noodles....Dad wanted to order the White Promfret Noodles but they didn't have the fish for that day.
*By the way, the fish here are mostly those of higher quality or market demand; such as Kurau, White Promfret, etc. The average price of the noodles here per bowl start from RM10++....
The Kurau Fish Fillet Meehoon(RM10.80)......generous servings of the chunk of Kurau Fish Fillet...pretty thick slices of the fish fillets....
Opted for the clear soup....with fresh lettuce and also seaweed....
The fish fillets were not as tender and juicy....which was expected for Kurau fish...guess it's a BIG fish....*disappointed*
However, I have to say that their fish fillets were quite thick in the portion and a considerable size as well.
*Kurau is one of my favourite fish...I still remember Mum used to buy this fish to be steamed for me....yumzzz.....very nice and sweet tender fish:)
Seafood Noodles.....Big Prawn on the top...only one
There's also fishballs and fish fillets; Kurau fish fillets again and also the; also in clear soup.
*You can opt for dry or soup for the noodles*
The total bill came up to about RM27++....the herbal tea here costs RM2.50.
The restaurant had 2 more tables of customers by the time we left; proving that we were wrong that it was pretty deserted.
Guess more and more people are favouring fish...furthermore with the increasing issues with chicken and pork.....and PickyEater has no problem with that....:)
Food here is on average can give it a try if you want...but just beware of the sulky waitress:P
Rating: 2/5

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