Thursday, January 18, 2007

Taste so Precious?

Found an interesting new eating place last the most happening place in Penang; Pulau Tikus:)
It was actually a restaurant hidden behind the row of banks; the junction where you go straight and turn in after AmBank.
It looks just like a normal Chinese restaurant which serves simple meals and so we wanted to give it a try.
Precious Taste...and the Chinese name for the restaurant was actually "Chan Zhu" which is translated as, why the disrepancy in two languages?
Well, Pearl is considered a precious thing as well...a rare guess in a way, the meaning within kinda tallies.
Ooooo...this restaurant is looks so quaint and neat inside and just like those quickie meal type of cafes but boy were we wrong:p
It served a unique fusion of Chinese food served in Japanese cooking style and though their menu may not have all the typical Chinese dishes you can think of (in fact, to a certain extent, they do serve simple meals, we were still kinda right:p ).
Look, even the menu says so and PickyEater personally thinks that their food selection was pretty interesting...:)
Oooo...another thing to note is that they have lots of Japanese customers coming in....not bad huh (Pulau Tikus, due to its geographical location which is near to the beach and hilly area - namely Batu Ferringhi, Tanjung Bungah, Teluk Bahang, etc is well-infested by the expatriates from other countries). Their customers are actually Japanese folks who work here....not bad huh? *winks*
They recommended this drink which was homemade; stewed apple with harsmar/white fungus served with red dates as well....not bad; I had the warm one
FoodBuddy had the cold one....
Mmmmm....I liked it....actually I tried this before in KL; near my neighbourhood; only that was a soup dessert:p
Nice cutlery....exclusive like restaurant type of plates....and I love the chopsticks....carved with cherry blossom....something near to PickyEater....hehehe *mysterious now*
Food finally arrived...this was their recommended specialty dish; the vege cooked in combo style; where the top is deep fried to crispy perfection while the bottom is stir-fried and garnished with some anchovies.
Wowww....creative invention of a dish...and PickyEater kinda liked it....interesting:)
Another recommendation; the Sweet and Sour Fish.
Hmmm...smelt like popcorn...after a while which made me suspect the presence of butter...but no, it doesn't have that.
It was not too bad lar....nice and fresh fish fillets but the smell of popcorn kinda made the dish lose its appeal:p
Our free dessert for the day; free homemade Gui Ling Gao.....not bad....:)
Price was pretty decent and the serving was just good for the number of people....should plan a second visit *winks*

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