Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dimsum for Dinner

Where else can we find dimsum for dinner except at good ol' Tai Thong down Kimberley, PickyEater was there for a dinner some time ago....
The people who served us were so familiar with us that the minute we arrived, they knew what we not fun's like when we were even just walking towards the shop itself, we can hear them yelling "Kuk Pou!!!" (chrysanthemum tea)...haha, our usual order:p
FoodBuddy decided to order a little bit more for that day; so these were what we had....
The prawn dumplings....FoodBuddy forgot that it was too oily and caused my upset tummy last round....well, this was also a little salty:p
Squid balls aka sotong balls....with green wrapping....bad for health huh? Green coloring....but these were not so sloppy nor with a layer of vapour on top since their metal bowls that hold the dim sum were stacked on top of each other. Oklar; sometimes a little bit too salty as well:p
FoodBuddy's favourite; the garlic coated mussels....smells pretty fragrant...actually not too bad lar....and Tai Thong's unique in the sense that they even stuffed some shrimps within the flesh of the mussel....pretty interesting:)
Prawn dumplings@ Har Kao.....hmmmm, this one can't beat the one at Leong Kee or Yoke Fook Mun as it's oily and again, salty....seems like Tai Thong has too much salt in their place:p
And lastly, the squid balls with crab stick....without any crab meat; the claw was just there as a holder:p Okay only lar; too starchy and moist for my liking...but it's one of those steamed still okay:p
Our famous Kuk Pou that I simply had to take a pic of.....
And PickyEater with her food on the table....of course not finishing all of them by herself lar!!:p

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