Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lunch in Pangkor

Once we reached Pangkor, we were busy looking for any decent eating places after checking in. Since this is just a small town, all we had to do was just make some rounds to check out the whole place.
Guess what, we found nothing!! Phew....all the places were closed and we were so looking forward to a nice seafood meal (fresh seafood) on this little fishing island....sighssss!!~
Finally, I caught sight of this shop which seemed to be open compared to the others as there were 2 youths; a boy and a girl who were busy setting up the tables - probably for some function of some sort (possibly a wedding). They were laying out red tablecloths and also pink paper napkins and the normal utensils on the tables.
So, we decided to give it a shot and walked slowly towards the shop.
We asked them whether they will be having a function but they did not answer and welcomed us in. They took off the tablecloth of one table for us and seated us; and still, did not answer any of our questions on whether they will be having the function then:p
A lady came to take down our orders; recommended their signature dishes in a very funny sort of way:p
This is how the shop looks like; all the typical olden type of coffee shops.
There was this big mirror on the wall.
An aquarium near our table; with the flowerhorn fish....I backed the aquarium so that I will not have qualms later as we ordered fish:p
They used metal bowls and teapots to soak our utensils in hot water.
Look; they are still using this metal bucket for ice!^_^ (it's an antique now in KL:p )
We ordered the Chrysanthemum tea; and the ice to be added to our liking.
Our food arrived.
The stir fry lettuce cabbage (we originally ordered the napa cabbage but they ran out of it and they recommended this - they are the ones making most of the decisions anyway; using the signature or freshness of the item as their selling line:p )
This dish was a bit oily; but the cabbage was indeed quite juicy and fresh.
Next, their signature style of the calamari; stir fried calamari with dried chillis and also oyster sauce. Unique huh? Usually we go for either style but here, they combined both styles so it ended up quite oily and personally, I didn't really like it this way...not nice at all:p
Last, our steamed fish - I have no idea what fish is this; but its texture tasted like the white promfret. She called it the "Pek Kam" fish...and that it was fresh from the sea that morning. Who knows, probably it was White Promfret but surprisingly it had these "whiskers"; sort of a mixture with the cat fish breed.
The total bill= Rm35; not too expensive compared to Penang:p

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