Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ice Ice New Food:)

Tried out some of the new food items on the menu the other day when we were in Ice Ice Baby.
Ordered the Grilled Fish Baby Noodles with soup but they came with this; which looked like Chicken:p
They told us it was fish but you can see the chicken skin and also the we told them again.
They immediately checked with the kitchen; and apologized for the mistake; it was indeed chicken:p
Anyway, I snapped some pics before they took it away...hehe....
While they prepare again, this arrived; the Mango Prawn roll.
Pretty unique; the mango was deep fried in a fritter way and then the prawn (more like shrimp) was wrapped within it.
There's an accompanying tartar sauce for this.
The watermelon iced snowy....looked interesting? Topped with one scoop of ice-cream on the top and the watermelon balls surrounded the ice mould:)
Of course, PickyEater only take the watermelon balls....not ice-cream; ughhh:p
And finally, the right order is here....our Grilled Fish Fillet Baby was not bad; nicely peppered and marinated fish fillets and they were generous with the vegetables:)
All in all a nice Baby meal :D

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