Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Planning of Ipoh Trip

My Jee Mui gang is planning a trip to Ipoh...yeah, they want to go on a makan-makan trip to Ipoh.....and previously it was postponed dy due to the so-called storm to the northern side of Peninsular Malaysia at that time and they wanted to be on the safe side; thus the calling off of the trip.
Now, Mr Fook re-organize and did his homework for the trip and this was his proposed itinerary...he called it the 18-hours makan trip ...
6.00a.m. : Depart from Penang
8.00-9.00a.m. : Dim sum and Tau Fu Fa in Ipoh
9.30-10.00a.m: Take away Egg tarts for family and friends
10.30-11.00a.m: Take away famous biscuits; Heong Peah for family and friends
Noon-1.00p.m.: Light Lunch (deep fried snacks and desserts)
1.00-3.30p.m.: Pomelo shopping and Jusco (movie and tummy break)
4.00-4.30p.m: White Coffee in Old Town (Tea Break)
5.00-6.00p.m: Crab feast
6.30-7.30p.m: Take away famous wrapped/bread/salted chicken
7.30-8.30p.m: Tummy Break
8.30-9.30p.m.: Dinner (Sar Hor fun and famous Bean Sprout Chicken or Nga Choy Kai)
Midnight: Reached Penang
Extensive least I think it was better planned with mostly light meals in between and more on take aways.
Hmmm...wonder if this schedule will go as planned....but really, makan trip....makan all the way...:p
Kudos to Fook for the research/homework done! :)
So, when's the trip?
I am more interested in the pictures session :p

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