Saturday, January 06, 2007


Mum was telling me the other day about this dessert; "Lek Tow Suan" which she said was some kind of Teochew dessert. It was basically green (mung) bean grinded/battered finely cooked with eggs.
She mentioned that she has cooked this for our tasting before and I raised an eyebrow and asked her "Did you? Are you sure?"
Anyway, Mum mentioned that she likes this dessert and found in the magazine that there was this place in Desa Aman Puri where they are selling this dessert.
So, Dad drove us over there one fine afternoon and found the place. A corner food court lot facing the road...Wang Seng.....
I was thinking this must be some kind of dessert place like the one in Kepong; the famous Kei Tak Sek.
Well, looking at the menu - on the bottom left; they only have like a limited number and types of desserts served here.....namely the Mung Bean, Peanut Cream, Red Bean, Gingko Barley, Bubur Cha Cha, etc.
Mum, of course, coming all the way pretty much had her mind set on the Lek Tow Suan....^_^
Here comes the desserts....
Mum's Mung Bean dessert.....she said it was nice...not bad; tasted rather unique:) Reminds me of one chestnut soup dessert Kei Tak Sek used to have...:)
Dad's Bubur Cha Cha...he didn't like it, no taste at all according to thumbs down:p
This was the Gingko Barley....disappointing...they used soya bean...something PickyEater doesn't like:( I thought they will use Barley....*sighs*
Desserts here cost from RM1.60 and there's a couple of snacks and finger foods.

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