Thursday, January 18, 2007

Vegan Day

The last trip I was down in KL, went with my Mum and Dad for a vegetarian dinner at a roadside stall in Taman Bukit Maluri.
It was just a simple dinner; and the vegan food stall is quite clean and does not a lot of customers.
The attractive thing of the day was the drink; which was homecooked by their mom who was boasting and telling each and every customer that came in about the nutrition of the drink, etc:p
This was the "famous"'s basically aloe vera with red dates and was said to have some cooling and healing powers:) Most of the customers took away a packet and Mum did the same to bring it home for bro. It costed about RM3 for the take away while it was RM2 if you were to have it there.
Tasted not too bad; served warm(I requested for warm)
And these were our orders for the day:
The claypot loh hon chye (mixed vegetables in the monastery style:) yee mee noodles....
And a plate of Mixed Vegetables for little PickyEater....
Not bad for a dinner:)

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