Saturday, January 06, 2007

Long John Silver's

SHOPPING day in MidValley.....I wanted to just make a trip to the big mall which was one of my favourite malls in the city. Nothing beats shopping in KL; although Queensbay Mall is up there in Penang...but still, KL is where all the huge and better malls are...hehehe...*no offense*
So, I was walking around shopping and also admiring the beautiful deco they have there....(MidValley always have beautiful and impressive Christmas or festive decorations every year:)
After the whole day walking, we decided to take a rest; have our dinner and then just go home.

Since I didn't quite like the food in Manhattan Fish Market, we decided to go to Long John Silver's; yet another fast food chain outlet.
Mum and Dad tried this before and they told me it was not bad; and also reasonably cheaper than the other fish-themed restaurants.
It was pretty empty; compared to the other fast food restaurants in the mall.
But there were people as well; making their orders at the counter.
I sat there; safeguarding the shopping loot while Mum and Dad do the ordering.
Let's see what they ordered....
Mum ordered the Cream of Mushroom soup.....RM2.
She commented it was rather plain and watery.....not really creamy or thick for her taste. But then again; for RM2 - can't really expect much, right?:P
Our drinks.....
Then our food.....
Potato and Shrimp Salad(RM6.90) 
I hate potatoes....but there's still the shrimps and also the lettuce at the bottom.....
Treasure Pot set meal...RM6.90....with shrimps and fish fillet with rice....quite a small
Grilled Fish with rice....RM13.90
The fish was not bad...with the black pepper sauce poured on the fish....a little peppery:)
Total bill about RM30++.....not too bad for fast food:)
Another shot of the shop before we left...

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