Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Departure Lunch in PG

Yoohooo....I am going home to KL for Christmas....yeah, on the 22nd of December...which was the Chinese festival...Winter Solstice (Dong Zhi) and will be having a simple family dinner.
Anyway, before that, I had a quickie lunch with my colleague at this place in Sg Ara.....which I have passed by a couple of times but never got the chance to go into the place.
It is called the Snow Hill Cafe and they had a nice signboard for the cafe which displayed nice snowy and icy drinks. Some of them looked like ice-blended drinks and also smoothies:p
Anyway, since I wanted a quickie, we went to try this out and to my utmost surprise, it was almost empty....unless you want to include the staff in the count:p
*Sorry for the blurry pics...I didn't have the camera and depended only on the cell phone's camera*
An Indian lady came over to take our orders; presented us the menu which I flipped through and they do offer all those quickie type of food....cafe food I would call them.
They have those rice with fish/chicken, etc...and they also do a couple of simple dishes and the prices were pretty cheap....reasonable; something like what you get when you go for Malay food...(cook upon request)
We made our selection and then she left.
My colleague told me that this was actually a tookover from the previous cafe owner; Jimmy's Cafe or something which I came with a bunch of colleagues last round when my mentor came for lunch. Jimmy's Cafe serves both Western and also local cuisines.
I was arguing with my colleague that this is a new cafe and not the Jimmy's Cafe lar....anyway, I wasn't sure either:P
Actually it was a pretty quaint little place and quite cosy for the environment.
The place was well-kept and the tables were all covered with nice tablecloths and also plastic cover. Clean and neat:)
They placed the utensils in nice plastic holders and I just find it really neat:)
Our drinks arrived; my colleague ordered the vanilla ice-cream blended with some fruit...I can't really remember; but it had a pretty nice name....
Mine...also had a nice name(which I forgot..hey, it's 2 weeks ago:p and I have so much food pics lar:)
I know it's watermelon with some nata de coco in it....hahaha...pretty refreshing drink especially during the noon hour:)
Before that,I was wondering when the drinks would arrive and I look towards the kitchen and there were a couple of ladies sitting at a table by the corner and they thought I wanted to order something. *embarassed*
Anyway, our food:)
Mixed Vegetables......not bad; plain but it was not too oily or saucy. Not too tasty which you know are the hint of the strong inclusion of food conditioners; such as Ajinomoto:p
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillets - the fish fillets were in small moderate pieces (finger bites sizes) and it was deep fried beforehand. The sauce was not too bad....
White rice to go with the dishes...my colleague wondered why was I taking a pic of the rice...
"It's just rice"
Hahaha....PickyEater's gone bonkers:p
All in all, a hearty meal.....think I may return to try their other little dishes...hehehe:)

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