Thursday, January 04, 2007


Yippeee......Christmas Eve Midnight mass; as usual was glorious and more about it in my Angelstar blog......for the Church deco:)
After hugs and wishes here and there, we headed home; I didn't join my guy friends for their after mass drink...haha, the stroke and ushering of Christmas with my family; so sorry dudes!!
Went home and then, a quickie celebration began:)
Champagne please....haha, kidding, we only get those Sparkling Juices; which bro seemed to like - red wine is cool for family dinners but we usually still go for Champagne like....ya, we are kiddos:p
This year, I picked the Apple Sparkling Juice.....hehe...tasted not least different from those emulation of wine...grape-flavoured juices:P
And this, is our Christmas cake...almost the favourite of the family...and ordered each year....
It's Carrot Cake..somehow, my family liked this carrot cake better than the others of the same cake type:p
So, Cheers everyone and Merry Christmas....... *Shrieks in joy and excitement*

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