Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Birthday...Part 2 can a birthday be complete without a birthday cake?
Hahah.....PickyEater doesn't like sweet stuffs and don't do cakes or pastries BUT somehow, once in a while a cake is the trademark symbol of a birthday...hehe; you know, just being there says everything about the birthday!!~
Okay, my birthday cake this year...hmmm; actually I should say that I got three cakes this year....nothing big lar; the other 2 are also considered 2 since they are of different flavours despite that they are just slices:P
No pics of my other 2 cakes; haha...also of fruity and veggie nature....carrot cake and apple cake from Secret it at the stroke of midnight....yeayyy!!~ My first birthday cake at the stroke of midnight:)
This, was actually my birthday cake....haha..nice or not?
What cake do you think it is ler?'s actually a blueberry cake!! Yippees....PickyEater is a berry fan and I like this BERRY much!!~
Cake from Maxim's cake house:)
Thanks thanks thanks to my pal who got me the cake!!~
Now, all lighted up:)
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me...
Happy Birthday to Christy....
Happy Birthday to me!!!
Make a wish, make a wish!!!
I wish for.....haha....SECRET lar...ssshhhhhh
One, two, three...BLOW!!~
Cake cutting ceremony...YEAHH!!
Pics of my cakes to make you drool...hahaha....
THANKS again to everyone who made my birthday a memorable one!!
And thanks for the cake...muacksss!!~

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