Friday, February 02, 2007

My Special Breakfast

After an average impression of the hotel and its environment and also the lock up-by-hotel incident(which I will talk about in my travel blog), we were not really looking forward to our free breakfast provided by our hotel with our stay.
Their breakfast will be served at 8am (what hotel starts that late anyway)...but after the lock incident and judging from the residential rates, I was kinda thinking, what kind of breakfast will they serve?
We may be the only customers and we are not such a big group so I doubt we will be having a buffet....and even if they serve us buffet...don't think highly of their choices:p
And so we slowly trudged our way to the cafeteria after exploring around and pictures taking and also a short game of ping pong:P
Lo behold, the whole hotel crew actually made us breakfast...the hustle bustle just to prepare breakfast for us:D
Not such bad presentation *winks*
Coffee and tea
And the breakfast is....Fried Belachan Rice....with some deep fried shrimps...a couple of them:D
Big plate of rice....and orange juice
PickyEater poses with her food....will I/can I finish this ar?:p
Whooo....there's even fruits....large generous slices of watermelon to quench our thirst!!
Okay....not too bad after all.....the hotel....i should change my view a little after such special and royalty treatment:)

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