Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Teow Chew food in Pulau Tikus

This is the new shop outlet which moved from its original location next to the Pulau Tikus Bandar Baru supermarket facing the marketplace to its current location which is next to Wong Kok restaurant facing the Belissa Row :)
Did you know that Teow Chew Meng has a lot of branch outlets; starting from Seberang Prai, Penang Island (one in Pulau Tikus, another in Rangoon Road) and also in KL (PJ and Subang Jaya)?
I didn't know that previously.....this originated from Seberang Prai....
So, what's so special about this restaurant?
As its name implies, it is a Teochew restaurant which serves cuisines from the chinese clan. They even have the famous Or-nee (a special Teochew dessert which is yam paste soup dessert).
Last round, I tried out their soup meehoon with seafood which cost about RM15 per bowl for 2 servings.
This round, we also ordered the seafood clear soup and along with some side dishes:)
My drink; Ambula Plum Juice (seems to be the happening drink in most Penang coffee shops huh:p )
This is a special concoction of orange and carrot....pretty nice and refreshing as well:)
This is one of their main specialities; Oyster in 3 tastes (Sweet, sour and spicy) - RM10 was kinda spicy....not bad; but the oysters became too revolting after a few bites and it really tasted too spicy for me:p
Another of their recommendations; the Deep fried and spiced squids....RM10 also
Very crunchy and also spiced....
Had sore throat after taking this the next day...PickyEater can never take deep fried stuffs or any heaty stuffs:(
Our Seafood meehoon soup:)
Fishballs, fish fillets (grouper fish), prawns, squids....mushrooms and vege...not bad:)
I think the total bill was about 40++:p
Business here was not really that good as well; but we probably came during the off peak hours.
Anyway, if you really have a craving for Teochew food, you can try it out....I heard the Or-nee's really good *winks*

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