Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2nd Day of Chinese New Year - Welcoming the New Year

The 2nd Day of Chinese New Year is known as the welcoming of the New Year; in Cantonese - Hoi Nin.
It is the day where married daughters return to their families and celebrate together. As such, this is usually the start of the New Year.
Granny hails from Cantonese clan as well and she observes traditions and superstitions related to the festive occasion.
Following her tradition and being the devoted religious person, granny typically makes a lot of preparations to pay respects to the deities and gods before commencing with our meal.
So, no....all these are not for us to is to worship the deities:)
And this will be for the lion dance....or rather, the auspicious lion to bless and roar in the New year!!!

Don't my Ah Ma look like the Sang Choy too?:p Lighting the joss sticks to begin the ceremony...

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