Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nice fishie

Went to Chai Seafood in Batu Maung for lunch one fine day....I think it was a Saturday...sorry for the outdated post:P
To cut the long story short, we ordered the following:
Stir fried asparagus with seafood
Not bad; nicely cooked and the asparagus were pretty fresh and crunchy too :)
One of the normal orders....Fried mantis prawns in Kung Pow style (basically with dried red chillies:)
Not bad also...not too deeply fried and not too soft; just the in-between way I liked it :)
And lastly, my favourite fish fillet (this is the big fish fillet); the grouper fish (Kue Kau in Hokkien) steamed the Teochew style where they add in those salted vege, sliced mushrooms and ginger....
Recommended by the lady me, it was okay...but somehow, it was slightly overcooked.
Overall....satisfying and simple meal for lunch:)

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