Friday, February 02, 2007

Dim sum at 7.30a.m

Went to this clubhouse Chinese restaurant located along Gurney Drive...actually, next to the Evergreen Laurel Hotel for a dim sum breakfast.
Tried it before but somehow, just wanted to go for another visit to revitalize those taste buds of the memory:)
The restaurant only opens at 7.30a.m....weird weird weird.....dim sum is supposed to be an early morning delicacy....(PickyEater, 7.30a.m is still early for other normal people:p )
We waited and finally they opened the doors:)
SO here we are, about to have our breakfast in an air-conditioned restaurant.....
Chinese style...
snapping away pics since they are not even ready yet...(why are they open when they are not even ready to serve customers? beats me...)
Empty restaurant...we were the first!:P
How can a meal of dim sum be complete without the basic tea? We had the Jasmine of my favourite Chinese tea....
And for starters (since the pastries trolley was the first to be ready), ordered the mini egg tarts....
My friend commented it tasted quite nice....
Fried fishballs....they only have the fried steamed fishballs...bummer....
The prawn dumpling which took another couple of minutes of wait...not ready...I always wonder why do restaurants take longer time to serve seafood-based stuffs....sighhhhs
Their pork dumplings
Chilli sauce to save the day if your food is tasteless and totally horrible:p
Oklar, but not a large variety for PickyEater for she has her eating preferences..

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