Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dinner at Barley place

After daily dosage of barley purchased from this restaurant, finally decided to try it out:)
Ordered my barley of course!!! Drink with lots of barley fillings:) favourite!!~
Stir fried vege (can't remember the name...think it was Siew Pak Choy or sth:p ) with seafood....
Quite a large serving...and there were generous portions of fishballs, shrimps:)
Not bad; only about Rm7 and the vegetables were rather crunchy :)
Then this was the blunder....we ordered one stir fried fish fillet and also one claypot tofu with seafood....and they actually combined them into 1 single dish.....sighhh....and costed about RM15:p
We were waiting and waiting for the fish and then it dawned upon us that this was it and we confirmed....sighs:p
Total bill came up to RM23 I think.....overall the food was not too bad; and pretty large servings as well:)
Guess this restaurant really beat the Tasty restaurant a few shops next to it...since this one seems to be booming with customers whereas the other one seemed pretty quiet:p

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