Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lunch in Cottage

It's Chinese New Year Eve.....instead of having the conventional Chinese cuisine for lunch, I went for Western instead.
Guess why?
It's also due to the festive season; most Chinese restaurants are closed already by the Eve of New Year and those that remain open; they are charging exorbitant prices for the normal food you have. Simply because it's Chinese New year season....blueks:p
Went to the Little Cottage where I had my farewell 1:1 lunch with Jaycee the other day before her last day.
She recommended me to this place for set lunches at reasonable prices. I only know about this place for dinners; they serve pretty good fish sets at reasonable prices:)
Again, I didn't order the set; FoodBuddy did; and we both went for the 19.90 set; I opted for the Dory fish fillet with Oregano sauce and recommended the Little Cottage's special sauce to FoodBuddy:)
Mushroom soup for starters
Think it's just normal out of the Campbell soup can:P
FoodBuddy mentioned it was rather bland and diluted already:P
Not forgetting the bun and butter
The Fish fillet cooked in Little Cottage's special sauce....
Basically just tomato sauce....but not bad:)
Mine; the Oregano sauce
It was actually just normal black pepper sauce...why such a fancy name ya?:p
And since I was gloomy that day (since my parents have yet to arrive), FoodBuddy ordered the Special Fruit Cocktail which costed RM4.90.
Quite worthy; since this is a size of a Banana Split bowl and there were generous servings of peaches in syrup, papaya, pineapples and even longans....there's a little red cherry on top:)
And Honeybee Pooh is just right beside me:)
What more can I ask? :D
Yes, just for my parents to arrive as soon as possible for a reunion *prays*

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