Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lunch with Louise in Sakae

Yesterday after the short conversation through the MS Communicator in office, somehow Louise and I wanted to have lunch together and we went out to Queensbay (she wanted to do a quick shopping as well).
We couldn't decide what to eat and then we just went into Sakae Sushi (haha, my jee mui's fave hangout place which I somehow could never make it there:p)
It was packed with people and we noticed lots of Motorolans there as well.
We stood in queue (first one) after the previous couple went in.
The waitress came over and told us to hold on for a while and we were surprised as we could see a table right in front of us. We hesitated for a while and finally went in and sat ourselves down:p

The waitress came soon after and told us that she has prepared our table inside but we didn't want to move anymore and so we stuck with that table.
Another thing, because it was so packed, nobody was even free to attend to us ...not even menus or drinks!
Sighs...then Louise showed me that we can make our orders through the screen in front of us and some clicking on the menu.
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We ordered our Green Tea....and then browsed through until a waiter brought us the menu.
Then we made our orders.....
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I snapped some of the pics here and there....Louise was telling me about the blaring fire the last time she was here when the guy made the teppanyaki. She said it was so scary and thank God there was this separator window between the chef and the customers...however, we also hoped the chef was fine:)
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Our orders then arrived; this was Louise's Salmon sushi....sashimi....hehe, raw slices of fish which I didn't try at all:p
I am still not used to the raw slices of fish and Louise mentioned she had the same kind of feeling previously too. She changed her inclination when she was studying in Australia and fell in love with sashimi ever since...haha, it was obvious she liked this a lot:p
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Next was hers..sashimi slices (again!:) She really love this stuff!
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Ahhh....this was the Potato Croquette...which she didn't intend to order at all but because she was too eager to order the Potato Salad, she accidentally mistaken this...
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She didn't like it at all...too mashy for her taste and since I HATE potatoes, I couldn't bring myself to help her with it:p

Finally, the rightful Potato Salad...she loved it!
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And this is mine, the Salmon Teriyaki - lar...nothing to shout about.
Louise wouldn't taste it anymore; she had to finish all her potatoes stuffs...haha....

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Total bill came to RM35.08 inclusive of taxes, etc.
Nothing spectacular...I am not a big fan of Jap food...but I heard Sakae Sushi was one of the cheapest of all Japanese restaurants since this is more of a fast food chain outlet I guess.
Anyway, thanks to Louise for the treat!~

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