Monday, May 28, 2007

Ice kacang at Lorong Selamat

Again, one of those days when we were wandering aimlessly for food....
"Don't know what-to-eat" days....and we ended in this Lorong Selamat alley...the famous Char Koay Teow area.
We decided to stop by since there was this famous Ice Kacang place as well....
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There were 2 coffee shops with the famous Ice Kacang label and I chose the older-looking coffee shop with the perception that if it's famous, it must have come a long way.
I was surprised that it was an Indian lady manning the racial discrimintation...but look at the Ice Kacang!
It's Rm2.20...and it's freaking expensive for such a small bowl.
Furthermore, the stuffs....gosh, so little!!
I still prefer my Gurney plaza's version....!!!
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And this was Benjy's order; the Koay Teow soup....with fishballs and liver...YIKES!!!!
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Somemore, I was traumatized by the sight of a RAT running across...and also, the hawker people were talking in such loud voices; lamenting on her maid's story and crying like there's nobody there.
What a way to make my day....on a weekend!! Bummer.....never going there ever again!!!

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