Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thong Suey

During my last trip to KL, mum and dad brought me for a light snack during teatime...since I reached KL at an odd hour and I have yet to take my lunch.
We went to this shop in Maluri and ordered some sweet desserts .
Mummy's favourite; Bo Bo Cha Cha....looks very creamy and heavy. (Actually, I hated this dessert since young...hehe:p)
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Too hot was such a hot weather:p

I couldn't decide between the barley and gingko and the snow fungus; so Daddy and I ordered both.
I decided I didn't like the barley and gingko; coz they cooked it with soya bean and not with barley soup:(
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So daddy ended up finishing that:p

And I kinda enjoyed my cooling and refreshing snow fungus with my fave; sea coconut slices!
(I don't really like coconut; but somehow I like sea coconut slices:p)Hosted by
Just like I like cucumber; but I can't stand sea cucumber....hate durians but like soursop (Durian belanda)...and the list goes on...I am such a weirdo and picky gal!
Not too pricey; the starting price is RM2 per bowl - not that expensive for KL standard:)

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