Sunday, May 27, 2007

Manila Place- ReVisited!

One boring weekend brought us to this Manila Place in Gurney Plaza (it was shopping day) but somehow, the blazing sun made us feel so tired.
Anyway, we ordered some drinks which made us feel more refreshed.
This is my strawberry+lemon blended....icy and cool :)
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This is the peach tea.....
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This came with the set; soup of the day....and complimentary bread.
Mushroom soup which Benjy mentioned was creamy:p
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Main course; this is mine.....Dory fish fillet marinated in black pepper sauce....
Yummy; nice :D
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This was Benjy's set; the classic Fish and Chips.....the fish fillet was actually more tender than mine....*snickers*
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Lastly, Benjy's dessert - ice cream...
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