Monday, May 28, 2007

Kim Gary's in Gurney Plaza

Was at Gurney Plaza again a fortnight ago and we decided to give this Hong Kong craze thingy a shot...went to Kim Gary's on the 4th floor.
Nice environment; weird that their tables are all in the centre arena and their cooking booth is in one of the shop lots...haha....
This is where the customers are seated....
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And see what I mean, that's the shoplot....whole shop is their cooking area:p
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The menu....haha, I am entralled by their drinks!!!
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Bosco as their mascot...erm, I meant introductory model...haha:)
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After a long time and careful consideration...haha, I made the choice of a lemon juice with aloe vera.....
And look, it comes in a jam bottle...:p
Interesting display huh?:D
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Our snack appetizer....the sizzling fish fillet bites with corn sauce...
Wow...this was nice...I liked it:)
**Seriously, the whole menu is full of carnivourous stuffs.....all meat....chicken, pork, beef.....and this was like one of the rare fish items on it:p
So, thank God it suited my taste...and I love the generous serving of the sweet corn and also the broccoli:) (it was a bit oily though)
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While waiting, we noticed that there was a Malay family which sat down and left soon after.
I was already wondering; isn't it obvious that there was no halal tag anywhere....just thought they usually check before walking into any restaurant.

And also, another bummer was we kept waiting for our set lunch meal which Benjy ordered...the Fish fillet with spaghetti and his drink and soup...and we thought that the fish snack was probably it and the spaghetti should come shortly.
However, we realized that they missed out that order and had to get them to put it on order again...sighs.
Anyway, while waiting, I noticed lots of people patronizing...hmmmm, Malaysians do love Hongkie food, huh?
And finally Benjy's milk tea came...some yoghurt blended fruit tea I think...
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The tomato soup.....not bad; tasty and there were some bits of tomato slices and also carrots....almost squashed:p
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Finally, the spaghetti arrived...with fish fillet and corn sauce; haha....the same sauce...
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But hey, the fish fillet was was actually wrapped with egg and then fried...there's that egg-y taste there:p
Kinda liked their drinks selection here...will definitely come back again...:)

**Some said Wong Kok was actually better; hmmm....I think as of now, I liked Kim Gary's better:) *

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