Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Banned Rhodamine B??!!!!

Oh my oh my!!!
I just received a sms text from Daddy to inform me that the dye used in huat kueh is a cancer causing agent and I was like, what?
He referred me to the newspaper and I quickly logged onto the Star online news and look what I found....
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I am still in shock...all my favorite kueh....little cup cakes are actually clothes dye??? OH MY!!!
What am I going to eat next?
I am already such a picky eater....oh my oh my!!!
Irresponsible traders!!!

Gosh, the world is really turning topsy turvy.....
What next? Strawberries contain paint dye?
Kiwis are cancer-causing agents?
Sighhhs...yeah, just go right ahead....all my food become cancer agents....and I am left with no more choices of food....

And yet, I just got my kueh yesterday and was so happieee....and now, they look so horrifying to me!!! GAWKKKK!!...

*Still in shocked state*

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