Monday, May 28, 2007

Fish & Co, 1 Utama

Met up with good friend Nick in KL last month and after some debate and mulberry bush rounds, we ended up in Fish & Co (although Nick was kinda skeptical that we should go for something which I can find in Penang itself...haha, we are always like that, always looking for that local unique stuff to identify with the place...sense of satisfaction :)

Okay, Nick ordered the Soup of the Day (Mushroom soup) for starters.
He liked it; creamy :)
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The condiment sauces served to go along with our food.
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My Lime juice
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Nick's Ginger Ale or something like that:)
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And my food arrived first; the Sweet and Sour Dory Fish Fillet.
Look at the servings of the crunchy carrot cubes and the green ones are not cucumber; they were actually honey dew cubes:) (Odd but new idea)
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Sauce was actually like the spaghetti sauce...from Prego...haha:p

And this was Nick's Seafood platter which he had himself (not helping; I can't even finish mine!)
He had a hard time which caused him discomfort after the meal...poor Nick!
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But overall, we had a great meeting up session, as usual! :)

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