Monday, May 28, 2007

Thai galore at Chilli's

Went to Chilli's in Nagore Road; it's this small Thai restaurant (you'll see lots of restaurants along the way) but this is like a little Baba Nyonya style house....(one of those Penang Heritahe houses) which had a sign hanging outside which says Chilli's.
Haha...this is certainly not the American chain of restaurant which made it big in KLCC or 1 is the Thai chain...or not chain:p

I have been here before for dinner with Benjy; and this is our second or third visit.
We were flipping through the menu and deciding on what to order.
Finally, we made our orders and waited patiently for our food.

We were served the greens...hehe, really raw greens :)
Ulam-type.....I actually like these...coz I find it really healthy and most importantly, it is crunchy:D (PickyEater loves crunchy bites from fresh vege and fruits:)
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All my favourite vege; the sliced cucumber, long beans, four-sided beans....and served with the sambal belacan (home-made) as condiment.
The sambal was very SPICY!!!! *pants*

Our drinks arrived; my Ambra sour plum juice.....nice :)
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Benjy's herbal tea:)
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Our fish fish....
Steamed red snapper in white tomyam style....this costs RM24
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Me trying to take pics of the fish...haha...
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Our baby corn with seafood in black pepper sauce....RM10
Nice and Corn-Y....hehehe:)
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But only thing was; it was supposed to be seafood but the only thing I could find on the plate was squids, squids and squids....
Hmmmm...wonder who taught them the definition of seafood:p

And this was supposedly our appetiser but because we ordered late; it came last...haha.
This was the stuffed's actually a seafood paste backed and crammed into crab shell....
A Thai specialty as well...nice.....RM6 for 2.
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Nice I have way too sensitive tummy and Benjy said no:p

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