Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mock Black Peppered pork

Went for an early dinner with Mummy and Daddy; and we decided to go to this vegetarian stall in Maluri (again!):p
Mummy and daddy ordered 3 dishes; but I only remembered to take pics for the first 2 dishes:( Probably too hungry:p)
During the ordering phase, Mummy and Daddy had a difficult time explaining to the waiter on their previous order.
They were recommended this dish during their last visit and they couldn't remember the name of the dish; so they tried their hardest time to explain...haha, pretty funny when all of them had the similar expression when they were all trying to picture the dish:p
(Brings a whole new meaning to building castles...oops, I mean dishes in the air?heheh...)

Anyway, finally they remembered and it was this Mock Pork cooked with black pepper sauce....Mummy and Daddy really liked it:)
Even Daddy was full of praises; and he seldom takes mock vegetarian stuffs:p
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My comment? It was rather nice too; and peppery...haha; slightly spicy lar:p
But I liked it too; tasty!

And Mummy ordered this mixed vegetables dish; the Lo Hon Chye.
Plain but rather pleasant to taste.
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The third dish was their favourite; the Assam Fish but I forgot the pic!
Never mind, next visit lar ya :)

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