Monday, May 28, 2007

Mother's Day Special!

Oooo...this year I didn't go back to sad....I was back only like a week before and pretty hard to get transport.
Anyway, Mummy and Daddy told me to stay put and not waste money on the transportation.
Well, I had lunch with someone else's mum.....hehe...

Went to Midlands Court Restaurant; one of the oldest restaurants there in this Midlands One-Stop Shopping Centre....
I was a little shy to take the pics of the food but nevertheless, here it is....
They ordered 4 dishes; since it's 4 adults with 2 kids (nieces) and one of the niece was didn't eat.
The first dish was the stir-fried baby bok choy.....not bad; a bit oily though:p
RM7 or 8...
Hosted by
Seafood bean curd in claypot.....nice....yummy:)....RM10
Hosted by
Steamed cod fish in soy sauce....very nice....RM25 only (cheapest we tried so far)
Hosted by
I missed one more pic of the sweet and sour prawns; the most expensive dish of the day...RM30!
Anyway, it was delightful meal and they even presented the Mom with a sweet! :D

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