Monday, May 21, 2007

Hawker Food

You know the Jelutong market area?
Heard from some colleagues that they have some local food fare which were quite good.
In fact, if you're a Penangite, you would have heard of the famous "Leng Lui Tong Sui" area:)
Went there after work for dinner with my parents once to try out (since Mum and Dad always wanted to try out the local food whenever they are here:)

The following were the food ordered; there's the Fried Mee Suah....Mum kinda liked it...not too oily for her taste.
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Ark tooi Mee Suah (Duck Leg with vermicelli) - Daddy's favourite and he commented that this one was also quite good :)
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Quite a cheap meal and there were ample parking spaces; if you are early that is...haha.
Ohhh, and beware of those parking attendants; basically drug addicts who want more money from you.

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