Monday, May 28, 2007

Pasembur in Menjalara

Went out to settle all my bank, government related documents, etc and then Daddy stopped by this stall (he recently discovered) in Menjalara on our way back home.
He bought his favourite Pasembur....he doesn't want Cendol anymore this time:p
While he was ordering, I was in the car and I snapped this pic of the Dad and daughter enjoying Cendol...I couldn't help noticing how cute the girl looked and how it brought back all those good old memories when I hung out (or rather tag along) with my Daddy sweet:)
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This is the Pasembur....when we opened up the box at home....raw vege; loads of cucumber strips, bean sprouts, crackers, etc.
By the way, this guy who is selling the Pasembur and Cendol and his partner were actually Indian nationals....and in fact Daddy said they have branch (van) outlets.....doing good business huh?:p
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After the sauce is poured onto it.....some peanut sauce.....(I hate nuts:p)
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Daddy bought this cooling snow fungus with red dates and honey sea coconut drink for me (shared with everyone:)
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Pleasant afternoon with family:)

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