Thursday, May 31, 2007

Northam Beach Cafe Re-visited

After work, I went for dinner at the Northam Beach know the open concept hawker food court along Northam Road when you come out from Gurney Drive?
That's it; I brought my mentor here before and I have had numerous visits here since I started working up north:)
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Ordered my fave; Ice Kacang...but this is still not my favorite Ice Kacang in Penang....except the part that they used the small red beans instead of the common kidney red beans used by almost all the stalls here.
Costs about Rm3.40 for this....not much of stuffs....
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As usual, the Yong Tau Foo items...I noticed that Yong Tau Foo in Penang is actually very expensive. They can charge you for Rm0.70 per piece regardless of the size of the item you took.
In KL, our Yong Tau Foo pieces were pretty standard in sizes and they are not too small...
This bowl costs about RM10.20 I think.
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Lastly, the Seafood Popiah.....
Nothing special except they had "hints" of mantis prawns in them lar...but mind you, it's really bits of them only. And this popiah roll costs us Rm1.50 each:p
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