Monday, May 28, 2007

Breeks in Queensbay Mall

Met up with Nick again when he came to Penang last week.
He was late...haha...anyway, we met up in Queensbay Mall (the new hype in Penang)...
And wandered around, thinking of what to eat and crossed out all the possibilities we already have in KL...
So finally, after some time of blaming each other for this and that, we settled down on Breeks (my recommendation).
These were our drinks....
Nick had the Ice-blended Cappucino with whipped cream....his daily caffeine fix...(drug addict dy:p)
And to the right is my Iced Lemon tea....
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My order was the Dory Fish Fillet in Black Cajun Spice...
Nice and spicey...and also pepperish...haha, so Cajun style:)
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And this was Nick's pasta craving...can't remember the name but looks good though :)
And he was trying to figure out what were those long portruding stick-like things....he ate one and still couldn't figure what it was:p
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1 comment:

  1. How was the food taste? The food expensive?

    Btw, the stick like thing is fried spaghetti.