Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dim Sum in Air Itam

Mummy and Daddy recommended this dim sum restaurant in Farlim, Air Itam when they came to find out about it through Mummy's old friend's introduction.
They had a catch-up breakfast there together and Mummy and Daddy came back telling me that the food there were good and also there's something interesting; their fish head.
So finally, after some time, I went to check the place out as well.

A couple of weeks ago, I ended there about 6.30a.m (yeah, I am always an early bird)
Ordered the following....
King Prawn dumplings..
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Quite tasty...but I didn't like the bitter after-taste of the yellowish skin....yikes!
Like there's some boric acid there:p

This are also shrimp dumplings....not bad also:)
Really generous servings of shrimps and fresh ones too!~
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Shrimp dumplings with scallop topping...
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Fishballs....this is disappointing:p
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Only thing is; haven't try out the fish head dish yet...will come back for another round.

**Sorry for the blurry pics...too dark, didn't dare to turn on my flash....too many staring eyes (giving me the weird look when I took out my camera:p)

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