Monday, May 28, 2007

Dinner in Kepong

Just a simple outdated post on our family dinner....went to this restaurant in Kepong...opposite the Glutton Square food court area.
The fish here is actually quite cheap...Rm7 for a fish (steamed or whatever style you prefer...but make sure you order that one particular type of fish retailed for that's the Fei Chow fish)
We ordered our vege; the Water Convulvus fried with belacan (Kangkung).
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Kung Pow fried Mantis prawns...
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And of course, the fish in our favourite fermented bean sauce which gives the spicy and sour taste.
Costs only Rm7; although the owner kept giving us hints that it's a larger fish for us...may cost more but since bro was claritive ahead and confirmed the fish was indeed RM7 before ordering, he couldn't do anything as it was their choice to substitute a bigger fish for our table of 4 people.
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