Monday, May 28, 2007

Ladies with Lady Fingers

It's Ladies Night...haha, meaning only Mummy and I were at home one particular Saturday night ( I was home that weekend).
Somehow, Daddy had this alumni reunion dinner in Tropicana Golf Club and Bro had to attend the DJ Nite....
(They both didn't take any pics of their food for me).

Anyway, Mummy and I were at home and Mummy decided to steam some lady fingers for dinner...
Hehe......nice and healthy lady fingers:)
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Mummy and Daddy's specialty homemade sambal used for ulam...haha...Kerabu with baby onions...really spicy!!
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This is how you eat it!!
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When Daddy came back that night, he got this fruit cake from Angel cake house as door gift...i was already asleep.
Mummy mentioned that the fruit cake was not nice at all:p
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